Motor Vehicle Apprentice

Mason accelerated his learning with an apprenticeship in motor vehicle at NCD.

Mason Franks joined NCD as a motor vehicle apprentice after an experience at school which he described as mediocre.

Mason said:

“When I was at school the best part of the day was walking home with my friends. Covid hit halfway through Year 11 which made my final year even harder.”

Mason achieved positive grades and was encouraged to continue studying English at NCD to boost his grade above a 3. As an apprentice, Mason worked with his employer four days a week, he continued:

“Working full-time meant my timetable didn’t crossover with my mates. It was hard not seeing them as much, and the other people in my class were older than me.”

Motor Vehicle Lecturers, Liam McGurk and Ian Sturdy, met with Mason and his mum to discuss the best option for Mason to achieve his full potential. Rather than transferring to a full-time course, support methods were put in place.

Sam Franks, Mason’s mum, commented:

“Mason didn’t like the idea of dropping his apprenticeship, so Ian helped to put support in place to ensure Mason had every opportunity to achieve. Ian always went that extra mile, especially during lockdown.”

Mason was allocated Personal Learning Coordinator, Sarah Collingwood, who would join Mason in the workplace and guide him through refresh sessions.

Mason continued:

“The best part was Ian and Sarah were both very open and helped to go over stuff with me. Recapping and questioning helped me to remember information and apply it at work.”

As lockdown eased, Mason was in the first wave of students to return to college. After a rocky start, Mason was in the first group of just three apprentices to sit the end point assessment and he passed with flying colours.

Mason’s mum concluded:

“Mason now walks with a spring in his step, and he has grown in confidence as well as knowledge. This is mainly due to the support and guidance he received at NCD, we can’t thank Ian and his team enough.”