Colorado Roots Music Camp

Foundation degree music students visited Colorado in the United States to attend the Roots Music Camp. The camp offers world class roots music professionals the opportunity to come together, and deliver tuition, workshops and performances.

Our students immersed themselves in the culture of the camp. They were enthusiastic and mixed with performers and educators from the American roots traditions. The students made lasting connections with inspirational musicians, and explored the stunning Rocky Mountains.

Students had access to expert guidance in performance and creative practice. The opportunity to be amongst like-minded people increased their passion for music.

Gary Rutter, FdA Roots and Popular Music, commented: “The roots music camp was life changing. I was able to spend each day fully immersed in the American roots styles. The spirit at the camp was very inclusive and helpful. It helped me develop my song repertoire. I gained a greater understanding of roots music history and its impact in the modern day. It also sparked a new passion for several kinds of music I had not been exposed to.”

Programme Leaders, Phil Richardson and Chris Cowan, agreed the trip was exhilarating for both staff and students. They said they spent the week as students themselves – studying and performing alongside their students and other participants. They noted that the quality of the teaching and performances were outstanding. They insisted that they will be planning the next trip soon.

Phil Richardson said: “We intend to take students to the camp in Colorado every two years. The links made have resulted in musical collaborations and guest speakers.”