Since starting in the role, she has received extremely positive feedback. Her line manager, Rebekah Parker, Pre-Assessment Manager. Rebekah, comments:

“She has settled in well and has fitted into the team.  She is always punctual and wears her uniform with pride.  Bethany has a lovely manner with the patients and makes them feel at ease.  Many of them have complex underlying medical conditions which can make them challenging, but she just knuckles down and gets on with the job in hand.  The patients have commented on how pleasant and calm she is with them. She really puts them at ease.

“Bethany has grasped the technique of ECG recording and base-line observations, height and weight recording and the importance of this.  Beth has started performing venepuncture and we hope in the next week or so that she can complete the training and the W.A.S.P assessment.  Beth has had the opportunity to go into the assessment room with the qualified nurses to see what the assessment process is like.

“Bethany has experience now of printing of stickers and clinic lists which is an important part of the role in pre assessment.  Beth regularly sends specimens to the lab and uses the tube system.

“Recently Beth was left to manage the unit on her own, when another healthcare assistant became unwell.  She behaved very professionally and continued until the end of her shift.  The team were very impressed with how she managed this and reported back to me with how well she had done.  We put an excellence award in for this.

“I look forward to seeing how Beth develops in the department and am confident that she will succeed in this role and subsequent roles that she takes on.”

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