The visit, organised and conducted by dedicated RAF members stationed at Leeming, provided the students with a comprehensive overview of various facets of working within the RAF.

The visit afforded the students the unique opportunity to learn about diverse aspects of RAF operations, ranging from fire prevention and firefighting to flying, training, and even Mountain Rescue. For the NCD Motor Vehicle students, the focus was particularly on understanding different types of propulsion systems employed in both vehicles and aeroplanes.

Throughout the visit, students were encouraged to actively participate and were given firsthand insights into the engines and power plants used on a military air base. The educational journey covered a range of propulsion methods, including jet propulsion, large diesel engines akin to those in fire engines, and smaller piston engine propulsion found in training planes.

In addition to delving into the intricacies of propulsion, the students received a thorough introduction to aerospace electronics. RAF personnel elaborated on the various opportunities available within the RAF, highlighting potential career paths in the area of aerospace electronics.

This visit not only broadened the students' understanding of the RAF's operations but also provided valuable real-world exposure to complement their academic studies. The RAF members at Leeming ensured that the experience was not only informative but also engaging, leaving the students with a newfound appreciation for the diverse and crucial roles within the Royal Air Force.