Paco's winning design beautifully captures the festive spirit while honouring the vital work of Northumbria Blood Bikes.

Northumbria Blood Bikes, a registered charity powered by devoted volunteers, plays a pivotal role in bridging healthcare gaps during out-of-hours periods across a wide region. From Darlington to Sunderland, their commitment to timely medical deliveries is commendable.

Hayley Whytock, Graphic Design Lecturer, expresses her pride in Paco's achievement, stating, "Congratulations to Paco Bertolotti for his exceptional work on the Christmas card. We are incredibly proud. Encouraging students to enter such competitions not only showcases their talents but also strengthens their ties with the community, building a diverse and impactful portfolio. Well done, Paco!"

This success not only highlights Paco's artistic talent but also emphasises the positive impact of collaboration between the local creative community and organisations like Northumbria Blood Bikes. It underscores the power of art and design in raising awareness for meaningful causes.

Our heartfelt gratitude to Northumbria Blood Bikes for providing this platform and giving our students an opportunity to contribute to their cause.

Visit Northumbria Blood Bikes to show support.