Our creative first year media students gave us goosebumps when we looked at their recent pieces for their mental illness awareness project.

Each student developed a concept to share their visual interpretation of the brief for Mental Health Awareness Week.

Mackenzie said:

“I wanted to show the thoughts and effects of someone struggling with anxiety in my images.”

James commented:

“My aim was to produce images that represented how someone struggling with their mental health might feel. Instead of light at the end of the tunnel, they reside in the sombre darkness.”

Ebony said:

“I focused on how someone can drown in their own thoughts when anxiety takes over and runs the mind, as well as OCD and the tiresome need to check things over and over again.”

Pyper commented:

“I wanted my images to speak for themselves, it is ok to be fed up and lonely. You don’t need to hide the pain by faking a smile.”

media mental health ebony drowning v2 2023media mental health james blurred on the bridge image 1media mental health pyper blurred edit