This new five-year partnership has been formed due to the aligning vision and values of both organisations. It will see the first students enrolling on the Foundation Degree in Tourism and Events Management in May2024. Students will study at OBCs Oxford, Brentford, Slough and Nottingham campuses.

There is a thriving tourism and events sector within the Hounslow district, with around 4% of the working population already employed in the sector. The proximity to Heathrow airport and associated infrastructure and supply chain industries, various hotels, museums and National Trust sites, sports grounds and tourist attractions, as well as strong transport links into the heart of the city, makes this campus a prime location. Oxford Business College’s unique positioning enhances student employability and, with a curriculum validated by NCD, will prepare students for successful careers in tourism and event management. The programme aligns with market needs, equipping graduates for roles in high-demand areas such as event planning, coordination, and hotel management, reflecting the sector's expansive reach and potential salaries.

Both New College Durham and OBC are dedicated to delivering high-quality higher and further education opportunities to students. The alignment of educational missions between the two organisations has driven this collaboration, with the aim of educational excellence, innovation and fostering stronger student communities.

We are delighted to announce this exciting partnership with Oxford Business College, said Andy Broadbent, Principal and CEO of New College Durham. The partnership has been established on our shared values which will enable us together to expand access to higher education and equip students with the skills and qualifications that will make them stand out in the job market. Our mutual aspiration is to enable greater accessibility to transformative education for every student, fostering favourable opportunities and outcomes."

Dr Padmesh Gupta, Managing Director of Oxford Business College said: “Oxford Business College is thrilled to embark on this partnership with New College Durham. This partnership not only aligns with our shared visions to widen access to higher education but also allows us to offer diverse foundation degree programmes that are both comprehensive and forward-looking. By combining our strengths, we are set to provide opportunity where students from diverse backgrounds can thrive, gain essential skills, and achieve qualifications that will significantly enhance their employability and future prospects."

New College Durham recently achieved a significant milestone by being granted indefinite powers to award foundation degrees by the Office for Students. This prestigious recognition places New College Durham amongst a small group of further education providers in the UK with the authority to award their own named foundation degrees. This has enabled this partnership with Oxford Business College to be formed. 

New College Durham's impressive track record in higher education is highlighted by its University Centre's outstanding National Student Survey (NSS) results. An exceptional 89.6% of students expressed satisfaction with the teaching quality on their programs, surpassing the sector average by an impressive 4.72 points. Oxford Business College also delivered an NSS score of 92.7% for Teaching and Quality.

This partnership between New College Durham and Oxford Business College signifies a positive step forward for both educational providers and their students.