tech talent engine computing 2023The Tech Talent Engine team visited our students to help them explore careers in digital, including popular roles in areas such as creative digital, data and insights, technology solution and digital communication.

The team encouraged the group to unlock their potential in an interactive session where the students completed a skills quiz that prompted them to think about their strengths and how they could apply them to a future career.

Mason Peart said:

“I found the session very useful, it has helped me determine my plans after college. It provided me with valuable insights and guidance on how to make informed decisions about my future career path or further educational pursuits.”

Luke Ethan Richardson commented:

“I gained a good understanding of the different sectors within IT. The skills test was helpful as it gave me an idea of where my skills are useful and what areas I might have more success in.”

Marcus Fish said:

“The session was very informative. I now know which direction to take my career in.”