APCT graphic design live brief 2023 1Five of our graphic designers have been shortlisted in a nationwide live brief shared by the Association of Painting Craft Teachers (APCT).

The Association of Painting Craft Teachers (APCT) want a refresh of their logo and asked for submissions from students studying a relevant vocational course, with an award of £100 for the student who produces the chosen new logo.

The brief outlined that the design should include the abbreviation as well as the Association of Painting Craft Teachers, and must be a modern style and dynamic design. With no set colour preferences, the students had a big decision to make.

Kelly Howe, Graphic Design Lecturer, commented:

“This was a great project for the students to work on as it forced them to focus their creativity to produce something that met the brief, whilst considering and justifying their decision to change any elements of the styling and colouring.”

APCT graphic design live brief 2023 2The whole group presented their designs and received individual feedback before resubmitting their work to be judged.

Level 3 Graphic Designers Jayden Elwell, Elise Simpson, Tyler Reed, Liam Bersey and Tyler McDonald are delighted to be in the shortlisted few to move to the next stage.

Jayden and Elise (photographed) both really enjoyed the experience, they agreed:

“This has been a great opportunity to think about every decision we make and why as a logo needs to be recognisable so we didn’t want to move too far away from the original colours but loved getting to put our own spin on the design.”