First year Foundation Degree Graphic Design student, Nathan Eddy, wanted to gain industry experience so reached out to local design agencies. 

Nathan said:

“I wanted to stand out from the crowd so hoped to gain some experience. I was surprised to hear back from Vida, one of the fastest growing agencies in the North East. I was nervous but Vida headquarters was homely with a touch of design minimalism.”

Nathan worked with designers from the team at Vida, who helped him to slow things down and scrutinise the design cycle. Nathan continued:

“Working with Dan and Beth from Vida allowed me to see what really matters when it comes to effective and efficient design. They gave me simulated briefs to complete and taught me how to prioritise and use my time resourcefully to produce designs that communicate a clear identity and emotional response.”

The work experience with Vida allowed Nathan to learn how to develop brand designs and brand concepts to a tight deadline. Vida have worked with huge clients, such as Virgin Money and UNICEF Soccer Aid, Nathan commented:

“My experience brought home the importance of having a strong team ethic as Vida takes on big campaigns with just a team of 10. I’m really proud of the work I did whilst at Vida, it is some of my most element heavy design.”

Initially, Nathan developed a range of different experimental designs, before choosing his more simple and cohesive branding piece for the presentation. He said he is excited about completing his degree at NCD and progressing to have a career in branding and design. 

Nathan Eddy Vida FdA Graphic Design 2022 3Nathan Eddy Vida FdA Graphic Design 2022 1

Nathan Eddy Vida FdA Graphic Design 2022 2